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After being in a dormant state for decades, the vinyl record player has made a comeback with the ability to compete with the modern technology. Even though the vinyl market grew smaller and smaller with other technology challenging the record player with their advanced technological features and portability, in recent times the vinyl record player is becoming a must-have item in the living room for the longtime vinyl veterans and also the new fans who are admiring the elegancy of the record player. According to Digital Music News, in 2011, the sale of new vinyl record player grew 39 percent over 2010 sales, to 3.9 million records which is higher than they had been in 20 years. In other studies, it is seen that the sale growth of vinyl record player has reached as much as 70 percent. To be able to go on the toe to toe with its competitors, the vinyl record player has taken in the latest technology and transformed itself to an artistic equipment having both the mesmerizing delicacy of the past and the robustness of the present. With the untouched sound quality, they’re now the coolest alternative to the simplicity of an MP3.


Product review is a vital part of today’s marketing. They help to build trust and loyalty and illustrates what sets your products apart from others. Among so many reasons, the ones that worth mentioning are:

The authenticity of online shopping: In recent times, online shopping has become the biggest game changer. Having many advantages, the major issue of online shopping is to know you will get what you see. As it is not possible to see the product in real life before it is delivered to your door, the reviews from other users of the product is very important.
Purchase decision: With today’s market situation, that deciding on buying anything can take a considerable amount of time and effort. The easiest way to reduce this time and effort is with the knowledge other buyers, which brands seem to be making genuine claims, which products are genuine and not rip-offs specially when it comes to a valuable product such as the turntable.
Spending your money right: No one wants to waste their hard earned money. Considering the number of brands that are popping up by the minute, all offering different benefits, it becomes impossible to pick one while being sure that money is being spent right. Reviews make it much easier to judge the quality and authenticity of the product on offer.

Before buying a turntable, you need to devote your valuable time and energy to find the right product. You may not have the time or the sufficient knowledge to judge the product. Here is where we come in, we are people who do extensive research on the internet, follow the best brands and their discoveries/features. We make a short list of products, buy them and then test them for a time. With the help of our wonderful writers, we describe them with our experience for you to make it easy to choose the right place and the right product that suits your need.


Our Turntable rankings and reviews are based on our analysis of professional reviews, as well as data like sound quality scores, reliability ratings, and ownership experiences.

The experts on our team has been reviewing and ranking Turntables since 2011. To ensure our impartiality we only provide constructive criticism and never advertise on our reviews or ranking.


The world of vinyl is vast. If you are new to this world and looking to buy your first turntable and do not have the experience to tell the difference between a good and average record player or even someone that wants to learn about vinyl records, this is the perfect website for you to visit. And if you are someone who considers yourself as a veteran on turntables, you will also like this website as we provide the best reviews by testing the product for ourselves and also keep you up-to-date with the latest information.

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