Best Audio Technica Turntables You Can Buy in 2019

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Turntables can be a spanking commission. Not only is the vinyl hostile movement here to stay, but the players themselves breathe for ages.
While the notion of a turntable might invite images of the old days to your mind, you’ll find that most extant turntables sport all the latest tech. Bluetooth, built-in or USB output that offers output records straight to your PC, meaning you can enjoy listening to soothe your mind at anywhere.
One downside is that as a result the introduction of new products and tricky naming conventions, the market for the best turntables can be more confusing than a college cover band. Here we will share one the best turntable’s brand that is roaring in the world market nowadays and it is none other than Audio Technica.

Audio-Technica turntables are a lot like Ford cars– arduous, static, and perpetually in vogue. The company sells a firm, no-fringes, budget-sensible table just as Ford has the trig little Ranger. As you move up, you catch into the coequal to the F-150 and above – the bluntly bulletproof and upstanding “professional”-style units. Just following the Fords, A-T owners take an oath by ‘em. That’s because they’re so sorely probable and functional.
Not a bad harmony to recall as we inquire this highly successful Japanese company and the machines it delivers for those who love to listen to their music regenerated via vinyl LP records. Along the way, we’ll consciously analyze each machine and compare it with other Audio-Technica and resemble tables from rival manufacturers. After all, is said and done, we’ll try our best to pick the elite of the Audio-Technica turntable.
First, a bit about this global stuff of a concern: Established in Tokyo in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita, this industry outset life as a manufacturer of phono cartridges, delivering them to Japanese audio makers. It soon began manufacturing tonearms and more sophisticated cartridges, involving the highly regarded VM line.
It began exporting their gems worldwide in 1969. Premium headphones bloomed in 1974 including professional-grade microphones and other high-end gear. Consumers consider A-T best today because of their ultimate gems, their turntables, all of which offer gigantic value in the “bang for the buck” department and operate their job with a minimum of agro. They are straight-ahead in a fierce way.


The batting lineup of tables, all with models called AT-LP, has stayed tremendous constant over the years with only a few ooze products (like the departed AT-240). There are plenty of criterions to amour them:
They won’t cross your budget line in most cases. None of the A-T tables vales a street price above about $500. This makes the most lavish jewel affordable for a wide range of vinyl enthusiasts, and that’s obviously what the company marks in mind beneath the torrid animation in vinyl.
They’re so get-at-able. You don’t need to search for an A-T online; big-box stores furnish their desks with them. You can actually fiddle with the gem before tinkling down cash or a credit card. It’s also effortless work to get refit any parts anywhere in the world.
They are firmly standing in a competition. No one would recommend ebbing one of these things off a roof, but A-T tables, even the plastic-y ones, well mobilize together.
They’ve mostly come in an automated version. Not everyone wants to revere the romanticized mantra of playing a record. And not everyone has a mushy touch when manually handling the tonearm and trying to spare the breakable stylus.
They’re guileless and versatile. A very little combination is required, the cartridges are already put in, and the tonearms don’t require any tricky adjustments. They are ornamented with built-in preamps so you don’t even need a receiver. Models designated USB option to computers in order to change vinyl tracks to digital files
Below, please pay a quick eye to the turntables in the interactive table below and see how well they compare to one another:


Best Choice

Notable Specifications

Motor: Equipped with the high-torque direct-drive motor
Connectivity: It Covers USB cable, adapter cables to get tuned with the digital world
Construction: It is shaped with an aluminum platter

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB is regarded one of the best models which stands eminent at its performance. If you set your mind to spend above 300$ the AT-LP120BK-USB will raise at its peak within this range.
When we make our mind to buy a turntable the indication which comes first in our mind is sound quality and it is beyond description that you can the best performance at this price. It has the character to produce to produce a manifest and vivid sound. It is luminous with a wide dynamic range. It has a great capability of graying any motor vibrations. Maybe it occurs due to its heavy aluminum platter and felt mat. Though it is the only model has a heavy acrylic platter, the AT-LP120BK-USB still tunes great. The metal tonearm offers a good balancing job with a nice malleable feel. We can easily adjust AT-LP120BK-USB, and it is available with speed settings for 33’s, 45’s, and 78’s, and an automatic speed change function which adds an extra value to it. It can’t gift one an automatic cueing, but the tonearm has a cue lever that helps the needle at the right place, so there is no need to waste time on it. One thing that will wonder you that the AT-LP120BK-USB provides a digital conversion. It will give you the opportunity to meet up a rare record that you want to digitize. Again, it is equipped with too many connectivity options. Here we can also protect the bliss with the dust protection cover.
If we summarize AT-LP120BK-USB, we can say it is a fantastic combination of less vibration, excellent durability with different color options

Editorial Rating
  • Able to produce amazing sound
  • It is molded with high durable casting
  • Much easy to use
  • There is a protection against the dust
  • We can easily replace the stylus
  • Extravagant product comparatively
  • Sometimes it is hard to work with the stop button work.
  • The USB connectivity is not tieless
Impact Statement

If you’re inquiring for a turntable that enables you to convert the records, this one is the utopian equipment for you. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB manual will make it blonde for you to use this turntable. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK is a summation of great sound which can be achieved without investing too much on it. You will even get the review of Audio-Technica AT-LP60BK-USB you will get the better idea why this one is better than other turntables within this range.


Value Choice

Notable Specifications

Speed: It can soothe your mind at both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records
Construction: It is glammed with anti-vibration tempering aluminum platter
Tonearm: The tonearm is quite balancing with a 1/2″ mount inclusive headshell

If you are searching for a sub-budget turntable which is clamoring the market with its features like same basic chassis and Chinese design seen in the Dual MTR-75. Hence it is provided with two speeds fully automatic operation in a belt driven set which will enable you not to use your hand.
The cartridge is made of an aluminum alloy tube cantilever and has a joint with a conical stylus. This can hamper detail revival. So, the best plan is to buy a cartridge at the time of buying this as soon as possible. There is a straight tonearm which is great but it doesn’t provide any security latch. If you are unlucky enough undesirable accident can damage the cartridge. The people who are in a limited budget the built-in-phono amplifier is quite blissful.AT-LP3 can function at both Moving Magnet and the more complicated and more taxing Moving Coil cartridge. Frankly, the LP3’s construction quality is too low to use a Moving Coil cartridge in a proper way. If you an extension here it will work, sure, but you’ll probably get 25% of the sound quality. This turntable feature will make you disappointed.

The front side of the podium has on and off buttons with a power button. At the peak of the platform, there is the 7” and 12” disc selector to run the automatic operation. It also provides a slot for power supply. But fitting the power supply onto a turntable will vex noise into the cartridge. In sound terms, the built-in phono amplifier tunes slightly fuzzy and faint bass yet lingers perfectly usable with this budget.
There are drawbacks with the Audio-Technica AT-LP3 but there are also a lot of things to moon over under 250$.

Editorial Rating
  • Quite easy to use
  • The system which is used here is fully automatic
  • Worth for money
  • Available with soft tuning
  • No bar is available to save the tonearm
  • Sounds harsh at the center
  • Tacky platform
  • Dense detail
Impact Statement

The AT-LP3BK is a turntable with a graced design that turns quite great at the right price while it offers you an awesome one within this price range. Scribe the turntable in your mind if you’re on the way to the market for a turntable under 300$.


Most Expensive Choice

Notable Specifications

Speed: You can flexibly fix the speed among 33/45/78 RPM
Tone-arm: Equipped with S-shaped tone arm which can be fixed at any height.
Connectivity: It has a USB cable that can be easily connected with a computer.

The AT-LP1240 turntable, this bold beauty is for those of you who want to split the quality with lots of customization options with the perfection of heavy use. You will be cracked up by the soothing audio no matter whether you’re hunching the volume at a nightclub or you’re playing in a slow-motion music at it in the studio. The music that is delivered in this unit is wonderful. The features are enough for any audio lover like extra cheese in your pizza. The gem is just as awesome with its amazing features as it is with the quality of sound.
This modern turntable is mostly used in nightclubs and recording studios due to its credibility. It’s a heavy unit which can bring a powerful effect on everybody’s taste. If any turntable should be able to survive to rock the mountain this gem will be the one. Mainly turntables for DJ and professional use are not cheap. But what makes the turntable more friendly is its price which hit the buyers to choose it instantly. We should say lucky are those who are getting this unit with wonderful features within a compact price.AT-LP1240-USB is Audio Technica’s one of the best creations at formulating a freckled record player which provides a number of features for musicians to curl their lingo. This DJ turntable was explicitly contrived for nightclubs, live bands and people who want to make their own musically. There are no negative words for Audio Technica about manufacturing quality gear. This product is alluring due to its highly durable platform and features which comes at a very competitive price. They poke the heart with this.

Editorial Rating
  • Sound quality is outstanding
  • Warped with keen features
  • DJs and live musicians can vast this at a peak
  • Worthy account for the price
  • There is no cartridge fitted with it
  • Comparatively lavish equipment
Impact Statement

If you are looking for a blast that makes your neighbors and the party people dance with your beat the AT-LP1240 will be the best choice beyond description. To quirk your creativity on the floor this one is the bliss to value your budget.


Cheapest Choice

Notable Specifications

Size: Available in 360.0 mm (14.17″) W x 97.5 mm (3.84″) H x 356.0 mm (14.02″) D
Weight: This equipment weights 3 kg (6.6 lbs).
Speed: We can set the speed selector at 33 and 45 rpm

You must cut a big-ticket to buy high-quality turntables can be very expensive. Here, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 is the best doorway turntable in its price range. Surely, this turntable can beat a strong race among record players with similar price. The Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB is a fully unmanned belt driven turntable including a USB port. If you’re on a packed budget or don’t want to contribute a big deal into a turntable until you know if you like the vinyl experience or not, the AT-LP60BK is a perfect choice.
Turntables aimed at serious vinyl gatherer aren’t usually the kind of thing you simply unbox and plugin. Cartridges may have to be organized. A counterweight needs to be put in and the tonearm properly poised. This initial setup can still take an hour from your daily life. With the Audio Technica ATLP60BT, you don’t have to have a headache about any of this.
The Audio Technica ATLP60BT has this option to connect to a receiver with a PHONO input including stereo RCA jacks. In addition, this turntable ensures its own built-in pre-amplifier. So, here you can directly connect to a music system using a 3.5mm AUX input. You can also connect it directly to a portable speaker. The ‘BT’ in its name ornaments the fact that the Audio Technica ATLP60BT also has Bluetooth connectivity. This great gem lets you stream record playback to Bluetooth speakers, audio system or headphones. Audio Technica is also renowned for its on-ear headphones. The company offered its ATH-AR3BT Sonic Fuel headphones to accompany the turntable which audio quality was excellent.
The Audio Technica ATLP60BT offers an excellent listening experience. The integrated cartridge is not going to deliver audiophile-level performance, but it’s better than from a ‘record-player-in-a-suitcase’ style option

Editorial Rating
  • It is fully unmanned
  • Available in reasonable price
  • Came with a nice dust cover
  • One can easily attach the parts of it
  • The stylus can be replaced
  • Stands on a magnetic cartridge
  • RCA cables are short
  • Counterweight and anti-skate can’t be adjustable
  • One can’t upgrade it
  • Lack of built-in speakers
Impact Statement

The Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB can be espialed as an amazing entry-level turntable with astounding sound quality at a very cost-effective budget. This turntable can stand smart for a competition with its similar price opponents. We must say this entry-level turntable is very easy to use and one can easily huddle it. It can be the best option for the beginner to give a great trial.

Audio Technica AT-LP5 Turntable

Also Good

Notable Specifications

Speeds: One can set the speed of the turntable at 33, 45 rpm
Cartridge Type: The type of the cartridge is moving magnet
Drive Type: It is ornamented with direct drive option

AT-LP5 actually has a lot to endeavor, especially at this value. Perhaps the first thing at which your eye will be caught as soon as you unpack it is its captative build quality. Although it’s not very weighty, it’s very well-structured and has a premium look and feel to it.
The avail of use is something that will leave you astonished as well, especially for a turntable that has so much onward mass to offer. It’s as easy to wet your biscuit in tea. The user-friendliness is further ennobled by the availability of a USB output.
The rotation speed is another generator that wouldn’t fail to impress you. It’s surprisingly compatible especially for a turntable that’s valued under $500. It also gains its full speed almost just after preparing to spin, which is pretty much how it includes in high-end, professional turntables
What makes this turntable eminent is that you get a competent turntable player as well as a vinyl to digital converter. It should, however, be marked that this device would purvey perfectly well in only one of these categories. Turntables are an analog music playing bibcock, meaning they yield incredibly sound quality by murmuring physical notches in vinyl records. This ability to generate accurate sound wave music is what has grazed to the acute love of these machines by music lovers, and this certain model of turntable wouldn’t disappoint a rhythm aficionado.

Editorial Rating
  • Heavy mass metal chassis inserts yield awesome low-frequency acoustic clamor
  • To further lower the frequency of acoustic chaos for unmarred sound anti-damping materials are objected
  • To nail down an established rotation die-cast aluminum is used
  • To damp the extra noise there is a 5mm thick rubber layer placed on top of the platter
  • The infrastructure is beautiful
  • The other concerned expression with this model is its direct-drive. That indicates that if your drive breaks you either need to replace the whole turntable or go for a repair.
  • Audio Technica doesn't deliver a dust cover here
  • Comparatively, cost one
Impact Statement

In the global market everyone wants to surprise customers with his or her unique products there is always a pitfall that some of these new turntables pivoting up will be rather ‘me too’ products that don’t really do anything to stand out from the competition. The Audio Technica AT-LP5 is not one of those. Audio Technica has consciously devised a turntable that has almost nothing in common with the competition- a gallant move when encountered with the success of the existing dominant brands.

Audio-Technica AT-LP7

Notable Specifications

Drive Method: It comes in a belt driven way
Speeds: Available at the speed of 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
Turntable Platter: It is made from Polyoxymethylene

Audio Technica’s latest vinyl spinner is a quite pricey and an absolute built beauty called rather neatly, the AT-LP7. Drive for this gem is a rubber belt.
Whether Audio Technica seemed a motor directly under the reel or simply composed a belt drive is the way to, we’ll never know. Not that it counts much at all. Belt driven vinyl spinners get our endeavor for one fruitful reason: when the time deals with replacing a belt, a tad could accomplish the task as it is very easy to conclude. The motor elects to turn the LP7’s platter is suitable with a speed-sensor batch of electronics to remain kinds of stuff whirling at precisely 33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute. Or since it is attainable in the two-speed model, at 45 RPMs. So, break out those 45-RPM audible albums and unchain them a turn on the LP7.

Speaking of platters, the one for this lee is manufactured from 20mm thick anti-resonance, polyoxymethylene component. Don’t know what this is, but I’ll consider AT’s word that it dampens undesirable vibrations. Both platter and motor are tooled into a 40 mm thick MDF base. We did utter the LP7 looks substantial and now you may find out the reason. The LP7 is an uncompromising package and tools with a J-shaped tonearm that mounts on metal, gimbal bearings. But it also offers a built-in phono stage that can be mutated for turning magnet or moving coil cartridges. But buyers won’t have to disquiet about this for a while cause AT comes with a VM520EB dual moving magnet cartridge on a fine AT-HS10 headshell. The fully manual LP7 is heaped with a dust cover and a twin of RCA interconnects as well as a 45RPM record adapter.

Editorial Rating
  • Can be easily settled down
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Simple Controlling options
  • It arrives with an excellent sounding cartridge which can be upgraded with several stylus options.
  • It doesn’t come in an automation mode. It is fully manual
  • No option for USB out
  • Comparatively cost option
Impact Statement

If you are thinking to attire your home with an excellent bold piece of vinyl to soothe you audiophile mind and aren’t confine your budget in a limited line then AT-LP7 is a great deal for you.

Considering all things at a glance we’ve decided that the Ford Ranger (aka the AT-LP60 USB) gets our nod, maybe not as Audio-Technica’s “best” turntable in the accepted sense, but rather we can consider it as the most alluring one.

We image this opal as “the little turntable that could,” and exactly what CAN it do? Well, it will offer one a phonograph record with extraordinary lovely sound and an utmost minimum of fuss and muss. It won’t abash a soul at any criterion in its operation. It will pleasantly keep its promise, and do it quite well by not crossing the bottom line of one’s budget. It has evoked appeal to those who want to digitize records and those who want to soothe their ear without any investment in a receiver.

What all this means is that this totally overweening machine is an awesome way to give a wonderful chance to the vinyl-curious music lover to roam about the wonderful world of records. In short, it’s a perfect scrawling way to that world, one you might discover that you never want to furlough.

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