Best Bluetooth Record Player 2020: Turntables for Tech-Savvy Music Enthusiast

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK-BT

Audio Technica

Fully Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Belt-Drive Stereo
Value choice


7-in-1 Audio Playback Device
Best choice
Akai Professional BT100

Akai Professional

Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable
Premium choice

Welcome to the modern century in all its glory, now you don’t actually have to plug it in to play your vinyl record player. Built-in Bluetooth provides you the benefit so that you can go streaming wireless.
We have consulted with experts who have used these Bluetooth vintage record players in their homes. We know that these vinyl record will be used by you for the years to come so we wanted make sure we are providing you with authentic suggestions.

In this article you will find product listings pulled from Amazon’s product database for your advantage to compare. We have broken them up into different categories & gave our opinion. Hope this will be helpful for you.

The Bluetooth record player market is exploding right now with the technology enabled devices, speakers, headphones. They all come sporting the most up to date technology but also some with a touch of retro style. Now you can enjoy old times in a digital way.

Best Bluetooth Record PlayerBUYING GUIDE

Our experts use every turntable as their primary home music player for weeks for testing. So, they consider same price range, components, and technology also different genres of music. Even turntables are also tested for cartridge, needle, stylus etc. Build quality and other features are also taken into consideration. Bluetooth turntables are more versatile and highly performing. Also, they are portable so you can listen to favorite record anywhere, anytime. But the market is now flooded with Bluetooth turntables. So here we are for giving you suggestions on Bluetooth record player, keep scrolling.

Bluetooth brings a lot of convenience with it, but you also need to remember that you are still listening to fragile records. Probably the Bluetooth turntable you are getting is an automatic turntable which means you don’t need to do anything. By just a push of button, tonearm moves automatically, drops the needle on the record and begins playing. For this feature only know that the turntable is going to be made of a lot of plastic hence lower quality materials. For casual listeners it’s fine but for long haul you will require to upgrade at some point.

In case of price, your own personal needs are important. There are plenty of basic record players which sound good but costs under $400 price range. Bluetooth turntables are automatic so if you are a fan of manual ones this type is not for you. Turntables should have a USB output which will let you connect through wire too apart from the idea of wireless.
If you want to focus more on performance, turntables ranging from $400 to $800 price will offer you much better sound quality. A tonearm should come along with adjustments, a balanced platter for smoother rotation, and high-end cartridge and stylus is the features to look at along with the price comparison. For higher ranged vinyl records another advantage is their upgradability.

Specifications cannot really tell you precisely how a turntable will sound, but they definitely do give you a basis to compare models. There are some basic features to look out for in a Bluetooth turntable.
Speed Variation
This feature will tell you how accurately the record player can spin the platter and also any kind of deviation in speed can badly affect the sound quality changing the audible wave effect. The change will obviously affect your listening experience. The lower the number, the better it will be, ideally below 0.25%.

Signal-to-noise Ratio
It is just a feature to have an idea that how much background noise is expected. Here a higher number is better, ideally above 65dB.

Playback Speed
Proper rotation speed is a feature to look for when buying a turntable. Most turntables will provide 33-1/3 and 45 RPM capability. But make sure of 78 RPM records if you are going to try variety of collections. Also if there is 78RPM option makes sure the cartridge or stylus is specialized to handle wider grooves.

Let us imagine that your turntable is in your living room. You are working outside in the garden, far away from it. How would you enjoy the music without melting the ears of the neighbors or even better encouraging a visit from the law enforcement team? If you could link your record player to a Stereo system somewhere around you, it can make everyone happy. What if you go further and can hook up your turntable to a wireless system? That would have helped you to create a low-cost multi-room audio system. So, with a single turntable, you could have the music at your living room, your kitchen and even in the washroom. Though for many people this technology is a bit too much and breaking the harness of old classic system. But again, for some people, wireless technologies are very useful.


Best Choice

Notable Specifications

High Quality Sound: A crisp and natural vinyl listening experience along with four high-performance speakers.
Full Range of Media and Ports: There are options to play vinyl records, also cassette tapes, CDs, MP3s from a USB, and even AM/FM radio.
Audio Recording: It is possible to record your favorite music from CDs, cassettes, AUX, USB memory, storage device etc.

Inspired by vintage record player looks, this turntable is designed as it was over 100 years ago. But the sound quality of speakers and other features are as modern as it could get. Nostalgic Wooden Turntable, the name is justified as it brings retro styles to your home with a great sound experience.
The belt-driven turntable plays in three speeds as 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records in 7, 10, and 12-inch sizes. The built-in Bluetooth is the cherry on the top for this versatile record player. You can play directly from your smart phone or tablet using this as an excellent wireless speaker. AUX-In ports are there to be connected to headphones or your home stereo setup for a more personalized experience.
The stylus needle is replaceable, which is very important for many users. Even the company supplies the replaceable ones you can choose from. Hence the old-fashioned vinyl recorder is a good choice for home uses.

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The multifunctional record player is a great addition to your living room. The retro look will help to match with the furniture too. The front panel with playback controls is almost extinct now, but goes very good with this player for the looks of it. The four high performing speakers will blow your mind with the warmth and crispness of sound. In order to play your entire collection of vinyl records, there are ranges of output options available such as; vinyl, cassettes, CD, USB, AM/FM radio, AUX-out etc.

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK-BT

Value Choice

Notable Specifications

Switchable built-in phono preamp
Dual Moving Magnet™ phono cartridge
Replaceable stylus built into tonearm
Anti-resonance die-cast aluminum platter

For the general public, the LP60-BT looks identical to its non-wireless counterpart and also it has all the good features of the previous AT-LP60 fully automatic turntable. The added specialty is the of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It enables you to set up your turntable and use it without running a bunch of cables. You can connect up to eight different pairs of audio devices to the Bluetooth® wireless technology.

While in case of home testing there were no issues in pairing process but we did have some problems with pairing when there were several Bluetooth devices in close proximity in office. Lack of screen makes it hard to figure out which device it has paired with.

The AT-LP60-BTIt also can be operated like a regular traditional wired turntable. Either way you get an outstanding audio. It is very easy to operate: just push the Start button, it will automatically place the tonearm to play a record, and the Stop button to return the tone arm to its home position and shut off the turntable. Particularly for the first-time owners of vinyl record this automatic process is very helpful.

Audio-Technica has a reputation for being the leader in phono cartridge design for a long time. It reflects at the design of the cartridge made of dual magnet combined with replaceable stylus. The cartridge and tone arm are designed to improve performance and ease setup.

The AT-LP60-BT plays both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records. It comes with a 45 RPM adapter, a dual RCA output cable in case of wired connection and a removable hinged dust cover. It is actually easy to forget that you are listening to a turntable and not to a computer. So for those who want to listen directly on headphones, it achieves its purpose.

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The LP60BT has a very compact footprint as it looks and feels very much like ‘80s midi system turntable. The size is a real bonus if you are looking to save space and also the plastic build is expected at this price.
The platter is a belt-driven and also a cast-metal which is more likely to generate a more stable flywheel effect. In the top of the player there is a large Audio-Technica logo.
One problem is neither the arm nor the cartridge is upgradable, but the stylus is at least replaceable. On the other hand, it is very easy to setup the Audio-Technica LP60BT.
Without the purpose of using the wireless connection feature, there is really no reason to buy the LP60BT over the standard LP60. The LP60BT sounds very musical, nothing should sound which makes you grimace or sigh. But where it falls short is its lack of detail and width of sound. So it is not particularly a high end choice but it sounds warm and fun. Last but not least, the LP60BT is a super-convenient vinyl solution.

Akai Professional BT100

Most Expensive Choice

Notable Specifications

Switchable Phono Pre-Amp
The option of switchable phono pre-amp allows to use both traditional stereo or powered speakers.
Convenient Connections
You can use the 1/8-inch aux input, RCA outputs & USB connections for different purposes like with music players, non-Bluetooth stereos, and also your computer.
Belt-Drive System
A fully automatic belt-drive turntable always ensures the proper speed for accurate sound.

The Akai BT100 offers several great features, amongst them the first is a straight low-mass tonearm, secondly comes a quiet belt-drive system and third a high-quality moving magnet cartridge. Not to mention the wireless streaming option of the BT100. Moreover, you can connect directly to the powered speakers that don´t have a pre-amp as the Akai turntable already owns a built-in switchable phone pre-amp. It also has the option of an USB port so that it connects the turntable with your computer and converts analog records into digital ones with the help of a free downloadable software.

The vinyl experience has gained popularity in the recent years to the audiophiles and also casual listeners. The BT100 has all the important features that people demand from a great turntable. However, it also has many extra features that make the experience even more enjoyable.

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Akai Professional’s BT100 offers all the essentials a classic vinyl record player can offer. It includes high quality belt-drive system, tonearm and magnet cartridge performing their best. In order to suit the modern home stereo system, Bluetooth capability makes it easier to enjoy vinyl.

The BT100 also includes a USB port to convert analog records into digital files on your computer. It just needs simple & free downloadable software from their websites.


Cheapest Choice

Notable Specifications

Vinyl-to-USB: USB port makes the file transfer easy to any pc system
USB support: USB support is by default available up to 32 GB
Built-in Speaker: Full-range stereo speakers produce excellent sound quality

The Pyle Briefcase styled vintage turntable system is a balanced combination of classic style and latest technology. The player has built-in Bluetooth options and stereo speakers which will enable you to stream wireless music. Alike all Bluetooth ones, connection is pretty simple and it connects with all type of device you will offer.

The brief-case style is both elegant & classy and features a very quick setup. The built-in stereo speakers offer rich and crisp sound that will soothe your mind. There is a function of Vinyl-to-MP3 recording which is unique and able to save all the old records converting into space saving digital mo3 files. Nonetheless it makes it easy to share music with others.
Pyle PVTTBT9BR offers a 3-speed selectable vinyl playback ability ranging from 33, 45 or 75 RPM. The built-in USB and SD card readers will allow you stream even more of your favorite music. Here you get the best of both worlds, modern & classic style.

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If you are looking for a great sound but in an inexpensive record then you have found it. It provides you a classy retro look in a very basic record player. Though it won’t put out much on bass but the sound is loud enough and clear. The compact record player is portable as it looks like a briefcase. The brown version of the player provides the classic vibe. For a cheap option, this player will do the basic job quiet well. Easy transferability is another option to look at. The USB & SD card compatibility attracts more limelight on it. In all it is a fair choice for the basic users.

Crosley CR704D-PA

Also Good

Notable Specifications

Needle: Diamond-tipped ceramic needle which sounds better and protects record
Compatibility: Plays any format you might have be it vinyl, CDs, MP3s, cassettes and AM/FM radio
Size & Speed: Plays 7, 10 and 12-inch vinyl discs at the speed of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM

The Crosley CR704C-PA turntable is one of the lowest cost vintage styled turntable in the market. It comes along with a beautiful hardwood cabinet with rich veneer and a sleek coat of paprika finishing that exudes a classic mood. The vintage inspired modern technology evokes the good old days. It sports a CG player, cassette deck, an AM/FM radio and even an airplane tuning dial. It is a belt driven turntable with Bluetooth options, speakers and also auxiliary input. All these features enable you to just plug in your audio device to it and enjoy the music.
It is called the 3-Speed Musician Entertainment Center as it plays all three sizes and speeds of vinyl record. The full-range speakers equipped with the set emits clear and soothing sound. If you consider on the basis of price, they are excellent but obviously cannot match a pair of larger speakers.

The biggest weakness of the Crosley Musician Turntable is the lack of headphone and RCA jacks. So you cannot really hook it up with external speakers, which limits you to the internal ones. Most turntables do allow you this option which definitely the biggest drawback for this player.

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Considering all the features the Vintage-inspired Crosley CR704C-PA is pried incredibly low. You can appreciate the combination of old styling combined with modern day conveniences. . In addition to three sizes and speeds of vinyl, it can play CDs, MP3, cassettes and AM/FM radio. Also check out portable audio ready feature. You just need to connect any portable device with hardware and enjoy the unique music experience. The stereo speakers do sound great. The lack of RCA ports or a headphone jack does not allow you to enjoy music in private. But if that is not one of the criteria you require for then you are just looking at the right record player.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Notable Specifications

Speed: The selectable 33/45/78 RPM speed settings allow you to configure the speed as you see fit.
Vinyl to Mp3: This record player also allows you to record audio from vinyl records to MP3 files enabling easy playback later on.
Stereo System: It features full range stereo speakers, which enables clarity of sound for every genre.

The 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable successfully combines both retro and modern look. The appearance is mainly of solid wood with a transparent dust cover so it gives a vintage feel with class.
There is option to select between turning speeds of 33, 45, or 75 RPM (rotations per minute). It has a basic level stylus and fine-tuned audio quality. It works fine with the records without considerable amount of scratch and marks. There is a handy feature of saving directly to MP3 player. For the people who just want a quality version of a song copied without expertise the feature is best.
The built-in speaker uses a two-way crossover technology in order to produce well balanced sound quality across a variety of music. So, in case of inferior audio quality or for a specific genre this record will provide an advantage. The sound quality of the speakers is not flawless to be honest. However, it is fair enough to enjoy the music.
There is option to simply plug in a USB or MP3 player or even your smartphone to play songs, no additional hardware required. It is more than just a turntable with multiple options which is very easy to use.

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If you are only looking for a record player for music then 1byone Bluetooth Turntable can be considered as a great fit. It looks vintage but has modern technology with great quality.

If you are going to play it for a party, the built-in speakers would not be enough but through audio output you can hook up with bigger speakers. But for home use it is a very good choice. The option for recording is going to give you the ability to have your favorite records play anywhere you are.

The versatility of this player cannot be overlooked. Last but not least, it comes at a great price along with great customer support.

Listening to music is always a special experience. No other trend better emphasizes the value of this experience than the revival of turntables. We are so gluing to our screens nowadays that it is no wonder a lot of people do value the long gone feel of “old is gold” stuff. So, Bluetooth vinyl turntable record player is the combination of the old and new with a turntable made for the modern generation’s wireless gadgets.

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