6 Best Portable Turntables: Portable Record Player Review & Buying Guide

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1byone Portable Stereo Turntable


Portable Stereo Turntable
Belt-Drive Portable Turntable
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Pyle Vintage Turntable


Vintage Turntable
Retro vinyl suitcase style Stereo system
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Vinyl has always been the one to handle with care. But along with the time things have taken a different turn, a refreshing one at that. Once the very idea of portable vinyl record player was an absurd one, but not today.

Over at Amazon, you will find page after page of brand-new variety of portable turntables of different type & quality. We decided to gather six of our top picks to save you some hassle.

Obviously, portable record players won’t come with the same features as a traditional player. Especially models which already possess built-in speaker won’t have the same type of sound quality, a home audio system can offer. But they offer convenience and portability as the extra. So we really hope all these reviews will guide you to find the suitable turntable that will meet your needs as well as your budget.


The first thing you should consider is what purpose will the player serve to you. Is it only that you want to listen to the vinyl, or you just simply want to get the DJ on. The players we are reviewing are going to fulfill the listening purpose only, not more than that, so you might want to have a look towards another type of turntables. If not then stick with us in this journey!

It is very important to make sure you can see a demo of the player you are buying or at least buy through a reputable seller even if it costs a bit more. So here are some points to check yourself before buying a portable vinyl record player:
 What kind of condition is the stylus in?
 Does the turntable make any humming noise?
 Does the arm move freely on its bearing?
 What condition is the bearing in and when was the oil replaced?
 Does the platter make any strange sounds when rotating?

If your vinyl records are valuable enough for you then DO NOT play them on cheap record players. You should be spending minimum around $300.
If you’re looking for portable record player under $100 with built in speakers, all the models available in the market are same even if the reviews tell you otherwise. It all comes down to who has put the record player together. Because the models might have different outlook, brand names but those invariably comes from the same Chinese factory. The reviews also depend on the person reviewing it and their buying habits. So this is not a bad thing if you are comfortable to play with cheap records and also sound is not an issue for you. But it is definitely a matter to be aware of before you buy it.
There are many sites that will provoke you to buy garbage record players which will eventually destroy your collection of vinyl. So do not fall for their trap and do your own share of research. Also the secondhand market can be very fragmented leading to prices varying greatly. So before buying do an extensive Google search to get an idea for the current market price.

According to several sources finding the best portable record player might be a difficult feat. This is due to the fact that most portable record players currently being manufactured are of poor quality and so is capable of damaging your vinyl. In order to find the best portable record player you’re going to have to go down a thorough research and exploration of the market or otherwise you have to just tag along with your old equipment around. A rule of thumb: the more features offered in a low budget turntable, probably the worse sound system it will have. There are always exceptions though.
When it comes to the specs, it is not possible to tell you how the record player will sound but it might provide you a point of reference while you are comparing models. Here are some basic specifications you should look out for:

 Speed variation: Any type of deviation in speed will affect sound quality.

 S and N ratio: It is also the term which is referred to as signal to noise, this specification basically will give you a better idea of how much background noise is expected from the record player. The higher the number the better. So go for such a model that offers at least about sixty-five decibels.

 Playback speed: Look out for record players that offers proper rotation speed for the type of vinyl we normally play.

A good portable record player should include the feature of a USB output. A dedicated turntable input is necessary and if one is not available you should go for a player with a built-in phono preamp. The platter should be heavier and more balanced with better quality bearings. One benefit of getting a medium quality portable record player is it can be upgraded into a higher version. Usually, a high quality record player is equipped with a dense plinth, which is designed to absorb the vibration and adjustable feet In order to suppress unwanted resonance. The better the quality the less you will hear it working.

If you are a music enthusiast on the move or just have a treasured collection that you want to enjoy, a portable record player is the best idea possible.

 Cheaper than a complete system
 Work ideally in small spaces
 Can be used as a removable central piece of your audio system
 Carry your music anywhere
 Alternative power solutions like batteries

The only down side is you will not get the best sound output you can get with a home setup record player system. Additionally, your collection would be exposed to outer environment which you need to be sure about if you want it or not. Because with all the extra humidity, heat and dust it will require extra attention and care.


Best Choice

Notable Specifications

Dual stereo speakers: Those are built-in, which is an excellent option to play music in a suitcase.
Speed: It offers all 33/ 45/ 78 RPM speed settings with supporting the size of vinyl records of 7 / 10 / 12 inches.
Input & Output: There is strong output connection with Aux option which includes RCA out and Line out. It is also available to play USB, Bluetooth and SD card input.

With the built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery this particular turntable can work up to 3 hours in just one charge. While playing vinyl records, it can transform the audio into USB or SD or to other computer devices. There is also a built-in FM radio which will enable you to tune into your favorite channel. The design is based on suitcase style which is easy to carry from one place to another, adding the feature of portability. The size of this comfortable vinyl record player is 16.5 x 13 x 6.5 inches, weighing 7.3 pounds. The whole package comes with a DC5V/500MA charging cable and also an indication screen. It includes the automation option of playing and stopping the turntable

Editorial Rating
  • Lightweight suitcase designed turntable
  • Good battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Recording Function
  • High quality built-in stereo speaker
  • Problem with tracking force adjustment
  • Decent sounding speakers
Impact Statement

This piece of Goodnew vinyl looks exactly like a classic suitcase. You can literally carry it anywhere and people won’t even have any idea that it is a vinyl record player. The high quality sound, built in battery and Bluetooth feature makes it stand out in the crowd. As it supports SD card and USB both, the usage is very handy. The Aux in jack and RCA out jack are also usable. What else should one need for regular usage. It is the best choice regarding price, value and benefits.

1byone Portable Stereo Turntable

Value Choice

Notable Specifications

Design & Style:
The briefcase-styled turntable is an epitome of retro classic style with modern technology. It creates an enticing experience for those who enjoy the feeling of the music.
With RCA and headphone jack outputs, you can enjoy the music of vinyl records with your own speaker system or headphone whichever suits you. It will provide great sound in both ways. It can also serve as a music player working with your iPod, MP3 Player, mobile phones, etc.
Tone arm:
The tone arm comes with a soft damping control that adds to the exquisiteness of this model.

The 1byone Belt-Drive Stereo Portable Turntable is a lightweight, suitcase styled, retro-inspired design. The measurement is approximately 13.4 in (34 cm) x 9.8 in (25 cm) x 4.5 in (11.5 cm). The wooden turntable is covered with Poly Synthetic Leather (PU) and the model is available in three different colors among which turquoise is the one we are reviewing. The other two colors are black and denim. The colors are truly admirable, keeping in mind the retro style of 1960’s era. The corners of the top and bottom of the cabinet are reinforced with metal. Also the bottom has rubber feet for stability. The case is designed with a nice carry handle situated in the front with a secure flip style lock system. Opening the turntable lid, you will find the 1byone logo on the top half and the record player on the bottom half.

Although the style is vintage, the technology is as modern as possible. The tone arm comes along with a soft damping control and with three selectable speed settings of: 33/45/78 RPM. There are two front facing speakers, in the side there are headphone and RCA both outputs for connecting, and also a 3.5mm line-in port for connecting to mobile or other devices. Honestly speaking the speakers are not that great, but thankfully you can attach external ones via the RCA jacks.

The Operating functions are as simple as expected: you need to just connect the AC adapter, turn on the player, select appropriate speed and sound level, raise the tone arm and position it. There are only a few things you will require to keep in mind. Firstly, when playing a 45 RPM record, you will be needed to use the included adapter which is located in the holder near the tone arm. Secondly, there is an auto on/off switch which needs to be turned on otherwise the record will not stop playing automatically when it is finished.

The good news is this belt driven portable player uses a ceramic stylus, which is easily replaceable. The only major problem we felt is there is no option to store its AC adaptor, whereas this portable Bluetooth vinyl player.

Editorial Rating
  • Selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds settings.
  • Tone arm with soft damping control
  • RCA and headphone jack outputs
  • Support multiple music playback modes.
  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport
  • Speaker sound not up to the mark
Impact Statement

Despite the speakers are not up to the mark if you are interested in experimenting with vinyl and also looking for a portable player solution, it is definitely worth taking a look at. All in all, the 1byone turntable is not that bad, it does work as it is said.
The sounds from the built-in speakers sadly lacks bass and so they probably don’t sound that good really, but they are not terrible. Hooking up an external pair of speakers would solve the problem for you. But as it is portable so you would have to carry both the turntable and the speakers with you.

It looks great, it feels great. There are plenty of options put there in the market, but according to us it will mostly give you the value you are paying for.

Pyle Vintage Turntable

Most Expensive Choice

Notable Specifications

Play vinyl records and record it at the same time with its special recording feature. It supports all the 3 speeds in order to easily convert vinyl records to digital audio files.
The front-loading single CD player tray comes as a built-in with a remote control as well accommodates all needs. The player also includes a rear panel Aux input for 3.5mm headphone jack.
The vinyl record player also has USB and SD reader slots. It can record CD, AM/FM Radio or Bluetooth audio files, through USB flash drive.

The Bluetooth vintage styled suitcase-portable turntable System comes along with CD player. So it is a very balanced combination of classic record playing style with latest technology. Built-in Bluetooth music receiver and the stereo speakers will allow you to connect with and stream the wireless music. The connection is pretty simple and it does work with all of the latest devices. The 3-speed record player can quickly become the centerpiece of any room in the house. The unique function of Vinyl-to-MP3 recording is an extra benefit that provides you with the additional ability to save all of the old records by converting those into digital MP3 files. You can even stream more of your favorite music with the built-in CD player or via AM/FM radio. The USB flash and SD Card readability also enables playback of MP3 audio files. Pyle has definitely taken it real old school.

Editorial Rating
  • Vinyl-to-USB recording capability
  • Easy file transfer to piece or mac
  • AM/FM radio
  • CD player
  • Belt driven system might affect longevity
Impact Statement

Right now you are looking at an impressive retro turntable, which is also versatile. The Pyle vintage piece is genuinely a wooden classic vinyl that is worth to keep in your collection. The retro look is as elegant as the Bluetooth connectivity option. The recording option and USB, SD card reading capability gives the player a different edge. The built-in stereo speakers delivers very high-quality satisfactory sound.

Victrola Vintage Turntable

Cheapest Choice

Notable Specifications

3-Speed compatibility: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM, you can play your vinyl as you want.
Bluetooth Range: It can capture signal from up to 33 feet away.
External Connection: Both RCA- aux & headphone jack is there.

The Victrola portable suitcase turntable comes with cool design options and durability. The plastic metal is strong but light enough for travelling around. The measurement is 13.9″ x 10.1″ x 5″. It is a 3 speed belt driven Bluetooth turntable. So all the speed functionality: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM works for this player. The Bluetooth connectivity enables the player to connect up to 33 feet away from the device. Though internal speakers are good, external speaker can be used to for an enhanced experience. Both RCA-aux cable option and 35mm headphone jack input option is there to make the connectivity easier.

Editorial Rating
  • More than enough design options to choose from
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Compatible with external speakers
  • Compatible with wide range Bluetooth connectivity
  • No CD compatibility
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth external speakers
Impact Statement

The Victrola 3-speed portable suitcase turntable offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It has its own unique style paired with 3-speed compatibility. The price is so affordable that it is definitely worth a try. The only downside it has is as it does not transmit Bluetooth signal, it cannot pair up with external Bluetooth speakers. It can only receive Bluetooth signal from the other end.

Numark PT01 Scratch

Also Good

Notable Specifications

Record digitally to laptop: The player has the power to record vinyl digitally via USB to your laptop with the help of free downloadable software.
Adjustable Scratch Switch: It is adjustable for either right-hand or left-hand styles of scratching. One can easily unscrew the scratch switch and just adjust it up to eight different configurations to suit your style and hands.
Output: You can plug in the output to add to your performance, choosing from a 1/8″ or a 1/4″ headphone or USB output for convenience.

Record digitally to laptop: The player has the power to record vinyl digitally via USB to your laptop with the help of free downloadable software.

Adjustable Scratch Switch: It is adjustable for either right-hand or left-hand styles of scratching. One can easily unscrew the scratch switch and just adjust it up to eight different configurations to suit your style and hands.
Output: You can plug in the output to add to your performance, choosing from a 1/8″ or a 1/4″ headphone or USB output for convenience.

Editorial Rating
  • Built-in adjustable Scratch slide-switch
  • User-replaceable Scratch slide-switch
  • Wall-powered AC adapter or batteries
  • USB connection for computer recording
  • Scratch Switch as opposed to Scratch Fader
Impact Statement

This model is an all plastic little box of joy with a cool black and red makeover, but offers features the same as the old model. It is very similar to the previous PT01 USB with some great added features. The most obvious change is the scratch switch, different from regular cross faders but you will get accustomed to it easily. Another new feature is the 1/8” line input which lets you directly connect your phone to the vinyl. Another beauty of the device is that, you can still add external cross faders if you want.

Miric Turntable

Notable Specifications

Speed & Size: Suitable for all of the three sizes of vinyl records: 7, 10 and 12 inch and also three speeds: 33, 45 and 78 RMP.
USB and SD Card: Play or record music from the USB and SD Card of vinyl records.
Built-in Stereo Speakers: Provides excellent and obviously louder sound performance.

Miric turntable is a multifunctional belt driven Bluetooth turntable. It supports all the 3 speeds & sizes and also includes stereo speakers. The speakers do quiet a good job on their side. The available input and output options are: 3.5mm audio in, RC audio out and headphone jack. It supports USB connection and also can read SD cards.
The surface is designed with PU leather providing it with a different texture and making it easy for cleaning purpose.

Editorial Rating
  • Water resistant ceramic needle
  • USB recording
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • No Cons
Impact Statement

The very vintage looking portable turntable which is adorned with PU leather surface is something to really look for. The outer look is really classy if you compare the price. The features are praiseworthy in this price range. Your money won’t be wasted, if you decide to invest in this Miric turntable. And on top of everything, the brand promises their customer a 24 Months Warranty which includes lifelong technical consulting and 24 hours customer service.

We hope our reviews will help you to figure out the best possible choices that meets your requirement and budget. Our job was to give you a little more insight and guideline so you have overall a better idea about what to buy. Obviously, it will be your budget that will have a major impact on the buying decision. However, we really hope you can find your perfect model with your expected sound quality.

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