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Alright, now you may start to think what is it about Pro-Ject Turntables that makes them different from other brands in the market? What is so special about them? While the turntable market isn’t dominated by any one turntable manufacturer, there are many prominent names that are considered giants in the line, and Pro-Ject is definitely one of them.

Pro-Ject-Record Players

Keep in mind that these are the products that have been carefully chosen by our experts, so you are assured of their quality, sound and overall superiority over other products. Beginner, Audiophile or Enthusiast, whichever you are, the brand Pro-Ject has something for all of us.

Product Features Price Where to Buy
Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon Esprit SB Turntable Review ✅ Quality components
✅ Highly articulate sound
✅ Easy setup and control
❌ Occasional humming noises at lower speeds and volumes
$$$ Amazon
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable Review ✅ carbon tonearm of greater length
✅ Bigger and heavier platter
✅ Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
❌ No built-in dust cover
$$ Amazon
Pro-ject The Classic Turntable Review ✅ Electronic speed control
✅ Aluminum platter with damping
✅ Turntable with absolute best specifications
✅ Eccentric looks
❌ Expensive
$$$$ Amazon
Pro-Ject VT-E R Turntable Review ✅ Adjusted for out-of-the-box instant playback
✅ Unique look
✅ Records don’t collect much dust due to vertical orientation
❌ Need extra speaker to go with it
$ Amazon
Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable Review ✅ Great components for the price
✅ Comes with all necessary accessories
✅ No customer complaints so far
❌ The starting is not as convenient as other turntables
❌ The belt may slip off
$$ Amazon
Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable Review ✅ Very quiet mechanics
✅ The tonearm is evenly weighted
✅ The stylus, cartridge, are nicely balanced
✅ Cool aesthetics and looks
❌ A noticeable humming sound at high volumes
❌ Does not have a dust cover
$$$ Amazon

👉 The Pro-Ject Turntables are absolutely wonderful especially for entry-level. Which proves that they are more cost-effective compared to other turntables. So, if you are looking for an entry level table then going with Pro-Ject is considered the best choice. They are also considered better when it comes to quality.
👉 If you compare the price of the cartridge, then you should know that the other tables have cartridges that are around 50 percent less cost effective than the Pro-Ject Ortofon 2M. But compare the performance and you’ll see that the Ortofon 2M offers excellent performance.
👉 The Pro-Ject decks also come with efficient DC power supply. Which offers good enough speed stability.
👉 Another key difference between the Pro-Ject and other brands is the setup process: If you want to relish all your old vinyl records, then you should definitely look for a turntable that is easy and stress-free to set up. Pro-Ject precisely offers that while most of the branded turntables do not offer such an easy setup process.
👉 They also come with a generally large platter and low-noise motor with effective decoupling and stable isolation feet that protect the turntable from vibration.

Editors Choice: Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon Esprit SB

Pro-Ject-Debut Carbon Esprit SB Turntable Review

The Debut Carbon Esprit is one of the best-selling models from Pro-Ject. This bad boy has a built-in speed box from Pro-Ject themselves and has the capability to play 33, 45, and 78RPM speeds! Whatever vinyl you have this one can play them all. Your vinyl LPs have never sounded so good. The pre-mounted Carbon-Fiber Tonearm and Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge are just two other inclusions in the already incredible arsenal of this table. Mark our words this will be an unforgettable entrance into the world of high-end analog bliss. Its previous version was already one of the best-selling ones and this then comes in with a speed box for greater control. The salient color choices are just the cherry on top of the whole cake. So, an awesome carbon-fiber tonearm, top Ortofon 2M moving-magnet cartridge, precise DC power supply, vastly tuned motor, and vibration-damping isolation feet- this one has it all. If this isn’t the perfect turntable, nothing is.


Size: 19” x 15.5” x 9.8”
Weight: 12.35 lbs.
Play Speed: 3 speeds- 33, 45 and 78 RPM
Built-in Pro-Ject Speed Box
Speed variation with the belt change
Non-resonant and heavy acrylic platter
Synchronous motor with Precision belt drive


✔️ Quality components produce highly articulate sound
✔️ Easy setup and control
✔️ Has three play speeds


❌ Weird humming noises have been reported from the turntable especially at lower speeds and volumes.
❌ A few numbers of users have reported that the turntable has issues with the playback, and may stop playing mid-play.

It is worth pointing out, however, that all of these cons have been addressed to and newer users have no longer complained of either. The Debut Carbon Esprit is simply the best turntable. It comes into the vinyl war with its unique set of arsenal and has been doing very well in the war. If you are worried about the cons, don’t be because the negative comments are from such a small fraction of customers that the defects may be in the actual units rather than the product itself. So we suggest that if you are not too picky and like to go with the experts, you go with this one without wasting any further time.

Value Choice: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Pro-Ject-Debut Carbon DC Record Player Review

The Debut Carbon is one of the best-sounding turntables in the market. The Debut Carbon boasts an incredible carbon-fiber tonearm for toughness, an efficient DC power supply for unwavering speed stability. Their trademark Ortofon 2M Red moving-magnet cartridge is known for exceptional notes reception. By reducing uninvited resonances, the 8.6″ carbon-fiber tonearm instantly yields greater fidelity from any LP you play. When united with the 2M Red, this magnificent arm and cartridge blend delivers extraordinary tracking and recovery of the musical detail found within vinyl grooves. A weighty platter, low-noise motor with active decoupling, steady isolation feet that protect the Debut Carbon DC from shaking, and multiple vibrant colors- honestly, we can’t comprehend how this is built and sold for the money it asks for. So, a carbon tube tonearm to diminish reverberation, an efficient DC power supply, a heavy platter to hold records firmly, and an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge for optimal sound, Carbon-Fiber Tonearm, DC Power Supply, and what not. Simply put, no other turntable comes even close for the price.


Type: Belt Drive, Manual
Size: 12.6 x 16.3 x 4.7 inches
Weight: 12.35 lbs.
Play Speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM
Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
8.6″ carbon tonearm
Synchronous motor with precision belt drive
Bigger and heavier platter
Newer motor suspension


✔️ Carbon tonearm of greater length reaches every corner of the LP
✔️ Bigger and heavier platter offers less resonance and more accuracy
✔️ Ortofon 2M Red cartridge produces optimal sound


❌ No onboard dust cover, the records will have to clean from time to time
❌ Reports have been seen of humming at maximum volume

The Debut Carbon sets new standards in the audiophile category, this beast boasts all the best features expected from a turntable. One would be hard pressed to make a case against the best beginner audiophile turntable on the market. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon has it all- durable design, good tonearm, and cartridge, noise suppression- what more could you ask for? And not only does this table sound incredible, but it also looks eccentric; with a table this cool, there’s nothing that can go wrong. If you’re looking for the best value, this is absolutely the best buy!

Premium Choice: Pro-ject The Classic

Pro-ject The Classic Turntable Review

The first thing you’ll notice about this table is its price tag. A whopping 1100 US dollars turntable does seem too expensive. But the truth is it well deserves the price it comes at. This is a classic table and classic offers characteristic look and state-of-the-art technology. This turntable uses a compact simple and elegant form factor, a traditional frame design which was made conventional by the famous turntable companies of the dawning age of turntable manufacturing- the 1950’s and 60’s. The main platter construction uses heavy aluminum and utilizes innovative thermoplastic elastomers to optimize resonance. The platter is accurately machined out of a distinct aluminum alloy damped with TPE, which grants the platter special damping abilities. The problem for most of the classic designs was the platter. Casted platters, though they were all heavy, suffered very much from ringing effects. This turntable platter solves that issue too. The main bearing construction used is a similar system as on the Debut, made of hardened steel and Bronze bushing along with a Teflon bearing mirror, which results in a low noise, smooth and even running. This turntable integrates a combination of unprecedented belt drive design and an AC motor for undaunted speed stability. Forward-thinking technology is used for decoupling. The tonearm is completely new in design. The main difference between the Classic and the Debut bearing are actually the tolerances which are 10 times lower and therefore even more precise. The whole machine is very sophisticated. Especially the sub-platter which is a very delicate part is perfectly machined and promises great filtration of bearing noise from the platter itself. So the whole device is for perfect and meant therefore for perfectionists who are only satisfied with the perfect.


Type: Belt Drive, Manual
Size: 13.8 x 18.1 x 5.2 inches
Weight: 22.4 pounds
Play Speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM
9“ tonearm
Electronic speed control 33/45 rpm
Aluminum platter with damping
Japanese ball bearings


✔️ Turntable with absolute best specifications
✔️ Eccentric looks


❌ Extremely expensive

A classy and a beautiful turntable by Pro-Ject, the Classic is turntable that has no flaws The carbon/aluminum tonearm tracks and it tracks precisely well and is very well balanced. The play speeds are consistently accurate. The provided audio cables are high end and come with international power adapters. From the elegant platter, wooden plinth, shiny counterweight, and the hybrid tonearm, all aspects of this turntable have that elegant nostalgic look. No need to worry about broken parts or upgradability, as it’s Pro-Ject you can go on to upgrade parts if needed. This is a turntable that not many people have, but whoever owns it, loves it. This is a turntable with all 5-star rating on Amazon. So the customers are immensely satisfied with the product. This turntable is a big thumbs up from both us and all others who own it. So if you can handle its price, you should go with this one.

Economy Choice: Pro-Ject VT-E R

Pro-Ject VT-E R Turntable Review

This is another unique product from Pro-Ject. Firstly, It has unique aesthetics, looks truly artistic and will no doubt catch the attention at first glance. This turntable proves that turntable arrangement doesn’t have to be rocket science. It is fully adjusted and already tuned by the time it comes into your hands, and is ready to play your favorite vinyl out of the box. Drape the drive belt over the platter and plug it in and that’s it! You’re good to go. But the convenient setup isn’t the only thing the vt-e is unique for, the revolutionary vertical orientation allows you to place it anywhere and everywhere. They’ve even included a metal wall-mounting bracket in the packaging for that regard! The vt-e does seem to defy Gravity but in reality, the record is strongly held to the platter by a record clamp, they’ve thought this through. It also sports a light and dynamically balanced aluminum tonearm with the pre-mounted Ortofon OM5E cartridge, the table packs a good punch. If you like unusual things in your house, this might just be your thing.


Type: Belt Drive, Manual
Size: 16.9 x 9.6 x 13.6 inches
Weight: 6.2 pounds
Play Speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM
8.6” lightweight aluminum tonearm
ortofon om5e cartridge


✔️ Adjusted for out-of-the-box instant playback and super easy setup
✔️ Looks unique like a showpiece
✔️ Records don’t collect much dust due to vertical orientation


❌ Need to have an extra speaker to go with it
❌ The drive belt can get knocked off pretty easily
❌ A trade-off for the vertical design is that the center mounting puck adds an extra setup step

The VT-E looks cool plays well and has a good build quality. The record player is fairly easy to set up, whether you use the included stand or the wall-mount. The table only has one button on the side to start or stop the movement so even kids can use it. It does need an extra pair of speakers and a phono input. But even if you don’t have a phono input you could simply get a phono preamp. It’s a piece of hardware to keep in your collection because it looks so cool. All we’re saying is that this turntable deserves a serious consideration from everyone.
We shall include two more tables for you to compare and contrast.

Also Good: Pro-Ject Essential III

Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable Review

The Essential series is again one of the most sold products from Pro-Ject. The first Pro-Ject Essential range came out at the beginning of the new decade and went on to have numerous five-star reviews and awards. This third avatar has been four years in the making and has joined the most competitive turntable market. In the four years, it’s been in the market, there has been an array of upgrades. The platter and plinth are no longer chipboard but MDF. From the pulley to the spindle bearings, everything has been upgraded to the latest. The cartridge and even the cables have been improved, with the Ortofon OM10 on board here. A belt-drive deck is a relatively simple machine and while it may not be as easy to get running as some other budget turntables, the little work that is required is rather simple and even enjoyable for the average vinyl enthusiast. Place your precious record on the platter and in no time you’ll be treated with the trademark Pro-Ject sound. The Essential III also does a remarkable job of placing instruments in the room and also showing impressive scale and an open soundstage. The lid is very easy to remove and it sits upright enough to keep it from accidentally falling. The lid on the table does take more time to put on. One thing that we noticed is that you should be careful removing a record from the platter. So you gotta lift it cautiously by the top of the record or the belt may slip. But it forms a habit so it is easy enough to get used to. Overall this is a very impressive turntable and Pro-ject deserves a 5-star rating for this thing.


Type: Belt Drive, Manual
Size: 19.1 x 15.6 x 9.6 inches
Weight: 14.1 pounds
Play Speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM
8.6”aluminum tonearm along with bearings of sapphire
Pre-mounted Ortofon OM10 cartridge
Synchronous motor along with a silicone belt for the belt drive
Chassis made of resonance sensitive MDF
Low tolerance platter
High-quality semi-balanced phono


✔️ Great components for the price
✔️ Comes with everything in the package so no need to buy anything else
✔️ No customer complaints have been heard


❌ The starting is not as convenient as other turntables
❌ The belt may slip off

Solid build, great sound and along with the acrylic platter, the Essential III counts as a great deal. It is also easy to set up. We ourselves had it from box to playing albums within less than half an hour. It has revealed itself to be capable of quiet play because surface noise and scratches are minimized. The Ortofon cartridge produces great bass and articulate sound. Overall this is a great selection for a turntable that anyone with a medium budget can get them into.

Also Good: Pro-Ject Elemental

Pro-Ject Elemental Record Player Review

The Pro-Ject Elemental strengthens the fact that Pro-Ject has long been the master of turntable manufacturing. This deck also follows the ‘plug and play’ rule. The arm and cartridge come attached and pre-adjusted with the package. A fully manual turntable and the speed changes from 33 1/3 to 45rpm is also manual. Also, there aren’t any means of keeping the deck leveled and it neither has a suspension to insulate it from external tremors, so you’ll definitely need a correctly set, low-resonance background. But the setup is super easy, just fit the drive belt, plug it in and you’re ready to go. It is on par with most rivals on that aspect. It is safe to assume that Pro-Ject has put ample thought into engineering this deck. The DC motor is smooth, both the main bearing and arm all sit in line. As the plinth is rather slim, below the main bearing they have added a mass anchor in the form of a superficial stone base. This base adds both stability and damping effect to the structure for any noise generated by the bearing and motor. Even the counterweight is fixed. The building of this deck is robust and the finishing is fine. There are three color options for the plinth: White, Red, and Black. However, the felt mat and MDF platter are only available only in black. The performance is also surprisingly capable. The deck has a neat exhibition and it delivers performance as such. Pro-Ject delivers an edgy sound with a cool bassline and vocals are proportioned well. There are plenty of notes in the playback, and they are subtle enough to not let us notice that we’re listening to an entry-level record player. All in all, this is just another example of how many quality turntables Pro-Ject has in their hands.


Type: Belt Drive, Manual
Size: 3.6 x 17 x 12 inches
Weight: 5.95 pounds
Play Speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM
8.6″ lightweight aluminum tonearm
Pre-mounted Ortofon om-5e cartridges
Low-vibration synchronous motor
Stainless steel polished platter


✔️ Very quiet mechanics
✔️ The tonearm is evenly weighted, and the stylus, cartridge, are nicely balanced
✔️ Cool aesthetics and looks


❌ A noticeable humming sound at high volumes
❌ The belt can easily get knocked off
❌ Does not have a dust cover

We absolutely love the Pro-Ject Elemental turntable! It has an awfully minimalist exterior and that gets commented on all the time, but it does its job like a champ. The deck is easy enough to set up and works directly out of the box. About 5 minutes was all it took for us to set it up. It does not come with a dust cover but that’s not the biggest deal in the world. Overall, It has an elegant appearance, articulate sound and is a great conversation starter for people. So if you decide to go with it, know that we’ve given you a thumbs up!

Conclusion: Our Final thoughts about Pro-Ject Turntables

Pro-Ject has made some sweet pieces of audio equipment over these years and honestly, it was hard for us to select a few from their vast range of great products, but still, we have gone ahead and have done the job for you. Almost all of the Pro-Ject products are good, but the ones we have selected are obviously some of the best products from Pro-Ject. We can make sure of the fact that your precious money will bring the value you expect it to bring whichever product you may end up choosing. Pro-Ject products are of their own standard and we have even put up a comparison section to make things easier. So now all you have to do is, Plan your budget and find your necessities, and you will find one that is suitable for you. Good Luck!

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