Best Speakers for Turntable in 2020

Turntables are for serious lovers of music, no doubt. If you are one, and you are reading this article, then you are the same, looking for a pair of turntable speakers that go well with the turntable. Whether you’re just getting started with photographs or are an expert in the field, a worthy pair of powered speakers allows you to build a solid basis for an arrangement you can grow old with the flow of time. Improvement of your speakers can aptly boost your listening experience of sweet ol’ vinyl.

Speakers for Turntable Review

Anyhow, you’ve got to have a proper buying guide to help you. Otherwise, you waste money, resources and time. That is exactly where we kick in. Before that, you might own an all-in-one turntable that comes with audio outputs and may wonder “why the extra pair of speakers?” That is because you’ll be stunned to know how much better your music sounds through a new set of amazing, high-quality speakers. Or maybe you do own the all-in-one but still, rely on the stock speakers. Then you already know where we’re coming from and need no more assurance. The same is true if you’re using low-cost speakers “inherited” from a colleague or some pal of yours. Or else, that budget speaker you bought when you were on a slim budget. Understand this fact fully: The correct speakers will supply you with a major sound quality augmentation. You’re going to notice dead-on. Wait, if we’re talking negative about budget speakers, are the choices we are going to show expensive? NOPE. We will obviously maintain a budget but still ensure that you get the value for every penny you pay. Quality always doesn’t come with a high price tag.

Product Features Price Where to Buy
Klipsch R-15PM Turntable Speaker ✅ Solid construction
✅ Compact
✅ Built-in amplifier
✅ Optical input and auxiliary plug
✅ Bluetooth support
✅ Remote control
$$$ Amazon
Polk Audio RTI A1 Turntable Speaker ✅ Rugged design
✅ Front ported
✅ Budget-friendly
✅ Strong bass response
✅ Power Port technology
$$ Amazon
KEF LS50 Turntable Speaker ✅ Solidly built
✅ UniQ driver look
✅ Dynamic sound
✅ Amazing tonal accuracy
✅ Sheer playful agility
$$$$ Amazon
Edifier R1280T Turntable Speaker ✅ Budget friendly
✅ Powerful audio performance
✅ PC and mobile device connectivity
✅ Adjustable bass and treble
✅ Remote controller
$ Amazon
Pioneer SP-BS22 Turntable Speaker ✅ Vintage design
✅ Budget friendly
✅ Extremely strong bass
$$$ Amazon
Micca MB42X Turntable Speaker ✅ Carbon fiber woofer
✅ Strong bass
✅ Ported enclosure housing
✅ Precise imaging and optimized tuning
✅ Shockingly low price
$$ Amazon
Sony SSCS5 Turntable Speaker ✅ Renowned brand
✅ Crossover componentry ensures
✅ Clear audio path
✅ Immersive sound staging
$$ Amazon

So how can economical speakers even be friendly to the turntable you bought with hundreds of dollars? Firstly, by permitting as much detail through the stereo system as possible. Because vinyl is an extremely high-resolution source, you want as many notes to hit you in the ears as possible. You don’t want detail lost from the sound traveling down from the table, through the amp and finally to the speakers. Preferably, you want speakers that are on the neutral side, presenting you with coherence and clarity. Try to avoid all the tech mess. Keep it plain and simple if you can, by avoiding power-driven speakers and that whole sort. They might be but cheap and sound exciting; but powered speakers feature a relative cut-rate amplifier and the narrow budget for the build results in the whole component quality being conceded. You also want good value for the cost. Because as we said earlier, vinyl is a superb high-resolution source and the better they sound, the more detail emits from them. So in a nutshell, you want value at low cost and don’t want to entangle in a mess of technology.


The important things now are the features, convenience and obviously, the budget; that you might want to look into. Consider the budget and see how many of the feature boxes you can tick off.


You don’t need to be a millionaire to buy a pair of great speakers; you can get them at a pretty reasonable price. The price point for turntable speakers are in a wide variety although, they can come as cheap as $30, then you may find one that costs hundreds of dollars. Usually, the ideal price point is within $300. Let us elaborate by breaking them at different price points.

Below $50: They are low-quality speakers that generally last for a couple of months. Unless you plan to throw your turntable away within a few months, they are mostly a waste of money and not worth considering.

$50 – $150: They are the price point for entry level speakers. You can get the taste of the water without drowning your feet at this price point. If you’re new into this, this price point might suit you best.

$150 – $300: They are normally the best quality speakers. At this price point, you will be able to get one of the best products on the market. They are high-quality, produce articulate sound, have many extra features and functions that come in handy and many more. These are the ones we recommend going with.

Above $300: These are high-end ones but honestly, they seem a bit overkill. Unless you own a turntable that’s more than a grand, there is not really any reason for you to go with these.


Knowing what you want entails you to know what key characteristics are significant for your choice. These features are the key to finding the most suitable speakers.
Space: Depending on the place where you are keeping your turntable, this can become a crucial feature. Yet something so basic is often forgotten by people, maybe because it is so basic. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember what size is necessary and how much space is available for the speakers. Bigger speakers normally deliver more power while smaller ones deliver less. So, if you are considering a powerful speaker you must remember that you will need space for the speaker to go with the power.


Perhaps you need a speaker that does not only work with analog music systems but with digital ones as well. Or maybe you want the speakers with a remote control. Check for these things because after you’ve spent your money, there’s no going back. Buy one that is as flexible as you need it to be.
Materials: Materials matter too. For example, you’ll see the cones of a speaker are made out of, aluminum, polypropylene, glass fiber polymer, and even paper. All the cone does is push the air to create sound waves. Then why such variety? Because cones made of some specific material will flex, this distorts the sound. By using more rugged materials, flexing is kept to a minimum.


It’s important to realize what your uses for the speakers are going to be. Are you just going to use it for a personal cause? Or will you be using them when you maybe throw a party at the house and want everyone to enjoy the distinct melody of your turntable? Many things differ depending on the use. The size, power, electricity consumption, and overall performance varies from speaker to speaker and if you don’t consider the uses, you’ll be rendered unhappy later when you realize that maybe you should’ve thought about how you were going to the use speakers when you spent your hard earned money on them.
All things considered, there are some speakers out in the market that can satisfy your wishes whichever they may be. Just for your convenience, we have put together a list of the best speakers in the market that you can order online and get right now. We have something for everyone- whether you want it grand or economy, pro or casual, or just hands down the best one, we got you.



Klipsch R-15PM Turntable Speaker

This was decided to be the best choice to spend your money on by our experts is this one. If you want a powerful speaker for your precious player but don’t want to buy bulky and heavy equipment because maybe you don’t have that much space or maybe just because that’s not your thing, no problems at all. This bad boy is here for you. Klipsch R-15 PM is a powerful speaker that does its job without taking up much space or power. These powered monitors convey the sound that fills up the space it’s in. This is a powerful, highly capable yet minimalist speaker immerses listeners in their beloved music. Each monitor comprises of a 1″ aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to 90 Degree x 90 Degree square Tractrix Horn and 5.25″ copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofer.

Item Dimensions: 8.2 x 7 x 12.5 in
Item Weight: 10.3 lbs
Mount Type: Speaker
Speaker Type: Outdoor

• Fairly solid construction and compact.
• Comes with a built-in amplifier and a speaker cable that makes a stereo pair. The amplified speaker has a pair of RCA input, which is used as a regular line input and may be used as a phono amplifier as well.
• Optical input as well as an auxiliary plug available.
• Bluetooth compatible.
• There’s also a sub out with volume control.
• Has remote control as well.

• Effective lifetime has reported being short by a few users.
• There have been complaints with the Bluetooth pairing

So, so many features for such a small pair of speakers. Sounds too good? It is. This is probably the best choice for you if you aren’t very picky about little things and if you are just wondering around in the world of audio. A few issues? The praise far outnumbers the complaints. It is a product with a high rating of 4.2 on Amazon. So don’t worry and grab this product right now if it grooves with you!


Polk Audio RTI A1 Turntable Speaker

This one is the one we think will give you the best value for money. It’s neither too cheap nor too pricey; its right in the middle and these are the ones that usually offer the best services for the money they are got with. This is a set of bookshelf speakers that exceeds expectations. These speakers cost way less than it’s competitors and thus will save you about $200. Quite a bargain compared to more costly models that provide you with the same clear, rich sound. This is even truer in the case of uncompressed music, so they are the perfect choice for a turntable setup. You can choose between a variety of a black or cherry wood finish, whichever you like. The new RTI A series feature several advancements. From the integration of the latest Dynamic Balance Cone drivers and 1-inch tweeters to a sophisticated remodeling of the cabinets to keep up with the fashion. The floor-standing models also come with “Power Port Plus”, an augmentation of Polk’s patented Power Port technology. As expected, from the classic Polk.

Item Dimensions: 11.5 x 12 x 7 in
Item Weight: 11.99 lbs
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Speaker Type: Bookshelf

• Compact and rugged design
• Front ported, so it’s possible to place them inside a bookcase
• Budget-friendly
• Strong bass response for the size
• Power Port technology reduces port noise
• Remarkably articulate sound

Cons: They don’t come with their own pair of wires. Other than that, to be honest, this one doesn’t have much going against it at all.

We couldn’t find much negativity about these; do we have to say more? This is a fan favorite product with a rating as high as 4.8 on Amazon and amazingly has no bad rating. Isn’t that awesome? That ought to tell you about the quality and performance of this beautiful piece of audio equipment. So, Polk’s RTi A1 speakers do the entire job very well and have no bad habits. Voicing of the speakers is fair and pleasant, their frequency response is flat, their imaging is nearly flawless, and they reveal musical details like high-end speakers. It is an absolutely great choice to go with.


KEF LS50 Turntable Speaker

Comes with a high price tag. You definitely need one of these in your list to see and compare with the rest. High priced items tend to deliver good value, which is the case with the product we’ve enlisted. So the first thing that you’ll probably notice about this product is its high price. It’s well over a grand. That is quite a high price for a pair of speakers, no doubt. But be assured, quality follows this one for all it’s worth. It’s small, exponentially smaller than the Blade and Muon, yet powerful. There’re plenty of reasons the LS50 is a flagship: It offers great sound quality and has some of the best specs a speaker can have out in the market. The KEF LS50 offers a fully realistic soundstage with its exclusive Uni-Q drivers, capable of authentically reproducing your music’s lowest lows and highest highs as accurate to the original recording as possible. Even the LS50’s cabinet is designed uniquely for a better listening experience. With a view to delivering a perfect listening experience, it features an arched baffle to deliver uniform on-and-off-axis response, and advanced bracing to avoid cabinet coloration. So either you’re mixing a 16-piece experimental band or just listening to a conversation in a show or a film, the KEF LS50 lets you hear every single trait of your audio in vivid detail and immerse you in a listening experience you’ve never had before.

Item Dimensions: 10.9 x 7.9 x 11.9 in
Item Weight: 15.87 lbs
Mount Type: Speaker
Speaker Type: Bookshelf

• Solidly built bookshelf speakers.
• The look of the UniQ driver is something people like
• Delivers sound with, dynamic and tonal accuracy, and sheer playful agility. The sound quality is on a whole different level.

• High price
• Bi-wiring is not supported
• Cannot perform very well at higher frequency audios

LS50 is a customer favorite even at such a high price, which definitely speaks for its supremacy. For a speaker worth over a grand, the quality it has to offer is grand as well. This little virtuoso lifts every veil, turns every stone, without ever getting tiring. The KEF LS50 is an exciting showoff, always playful and cheery, but efficient as well; staying exact to the tones and staging. It reveals the entire chain – from the recording studio to your delivery line up. LS50 is one of KEF’s most musical efforts in years and has been accepted widely by audiophiles. With a high rating on Amazon of 4.6 stars, it has very few against itself. So whether you are willing to go all in or this price point is just normal for you, if you’ve got the bucks we suggest you waste no more time and buy this NOW!


Edifier R1280T Turntable Speaker

For the people who are in the tightest of the budget but yet want to immerse in the experience of audiophilia. This is the budget product everyone can buy.
The faithful sound reproduction is a pleasant surprise. Seriously, you would not expect a speaker that costs just a modest hundred dollars to deliver such rich and articulate sound. The drivers also give off a fairly even response in the neutral default setting, so add some bass and you have the device that will likely be a choice many listeners will go for. There’re very few speakers like the Edifier R1280T days. Intended to work with home stereos and PCs, they have dual inputs so multiple sound sources can be connected simultaneously. The bass and treble knobs are subtle, in fact, more subtle than many EQ controls. So it has great specs, good looks, and faithful sound reproduction – all for just 100$. Admit it; you probably have spent more on a dinner party.

Item Dimensions: 6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 in
Item Weight: 10.8 lbs
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Speaker Type: Bookshelf

• Budget friendliest speaker out there
• A powerful audio performance with accurate lows and bright, clear highs.
• Can connect to PCs and mobile devices, as well as any gear with an RCA output.
• Adjustable bass and treble
• Comes with a remote controller

• The sound may distort at very high volumes.
• Speaker wires are a bit low quality.
• No bass

So, budget-friendly and audiophilia no longer seem two words from opposite poles. You can get all your beloved music with this fantastic product. For $100, the Edifier R1280T’s audio quality is remarkable. Budget-friendly PC speakers seldom sound this good and deliver this much power. If you’ve got just a little more money to spend, congratulations! Your options just got bigger in numbers and better in quality. Of course, they may not be as efficient as the speakers that are priced way higher, but they still offer a decent listening experience. So don’t let budget be in your way to great audio experience, buy these now!

ALSO GOOD: Pioneer SP-BS22

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Turntable Speaker

Pioneer is the real pioneer of the music industry. SP-BS22 is a good bargain; on sale, this product may even cost less than a hundred dollars. This set is a good bet for such a low price. These speakers are sharp-looking, they perform well and even have prominent bass. All of this ensures a music experience like no other. They also have a fashionable, contemporary design that works well with any decor.

Item Dimensions: 8.4 x 7.1 x 12.6 inches
Item Weight: 9.17 lbs
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Speaker Type: Bookshelf

• Great looks and design
• Very budget friendly
• Amazing sound quality
• Extremely strong bass for the size

• The system is a bit large in size and may not fit into a bookshelf
• The sound from the speakers seem subjective, many have reviewed negatively on the sound quality

A good pair of speakers for such a low price and from such a renowned brand, the SP BS22 has only little going against it. It is true that this has received mixed reviews from critics; but yet they are more leaned towards the positive than the negative. And hey, this is one of the most inexpensive ones you can buy. So if you are a fan of the pioneer, go for this one without hesitation.


Micca MB42X Turntable Speaker

After the tremendous success of the sensational Mb42, the MB42X has got hold of the market. This upgrade has vastly raised the performance bar and still has kept the space and budget constant. Attractively styled with classic contours and updated design cues, the MB42X is convenient for placement and blends into any décor. The MB42X starts with the solid credentials of the Mb42, so be assured of a great device. Listening is believing, try them in your home with your music, risk-free. They can be used on desks, book/wall shelves, or on speaker stands.

Item Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.8 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight: 9.3 lbs
Mount Type: Bookshelf, wall
Speaker Type: Bookshelf

• Balanced knitted carbon fiber woofer
• Strong bass
• The compact ported enclosure housing
• A high-performance silk dome tweeter for flat treble
• Precise imaging and optimized tuning
• Shockingly low price

• Reports of internal resonance and box sound have been found
• The sound has been reported to be murky and low for some units

Such great features at such a low price; this cannot be a bad deal. Even if they turn out to be disappointing, of which there are very little chances, no problem. They are so economical that it won’t probably feel that bad. And if they are indeed good, Jackpot! So it’s a win-win situation here. So confidently go for these, if you like.


Sony SSCS5 Turntable Speaker

Ah, a product from Sony. We feel like we don’t have to elaborate much on this one, the brand speaks for itself. SSCS5 is a speaker series so versatile that it definitely will deliver an unparalleled audio experience, and with a soundstage spacious enough that you can feel the passion of the original soundtrack, all while staying in harmony with your present living spaces-no setup required.

Item Dimensions: 17.9 x 10.7 x 16.2 in
Item Weight: 19.9 lbs
Mount Type: Bookshelf
Speaker Type: Bookshelf

• Optimized Crossover componentry ensures a clear audio path
• Immersive sound staging and reproduction
• Budget-friendly
• A customer favorite with almost no negative reviews

• Customer may face issues with warranty

SSCS5 is a good product with mostly positive reviews and a decent rating of 4.7 on Amazon, so it’s a good bet. Fans of Sony can buy this with their eyes closed. Even if you aren’t particularly a fan, this is a good choice to go with, hands down. You will not be disappointed.


We have selected the best products out there on the market. So, most of the job is done. The remaining part is yours and probably the hardest- to pick just one among all these beauties. Relax and just pick your choice with full confidence. Choose a budget, the key features, and the uses and decide which one of these you want to go with. With a list of nothing but the best that the market has to offer, you cannot get anything but the best. So relax, choose which device to buy and immerse into the unforgettable experience of music that can only be experienced by the audiophiles. Wish you all the best.

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